Review: Luxury swiss brand Omega watches future outlook

Aeschlimann not far from controversy, and one of his first appearances in the media as CEO of Omega, an interview with the Financial Times, distinguished himself as a courageous leader who knows the mistakes of the past and clearly aware of the direction in which the company wants to take. In his own words, “he is not there to sell watches, but people enjoy making watches”.

His passion for Omega, where he spent most of his career, his open and honest conversation and his weakness for black color watches, have already made a direct comparison with Mr. Biver. But as we discovered last week when Aeschlimann visited London, the new head of the Omega is much his own man.

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First, the company becomes a pioneer. And our huge heritage, that is, we also have a great responsibility. We are not a small company. We are one of the leading companies in terms of economic watchmaking. There is integrity in what we are. It is passion. If we’ve been with James Bond and Cindy Crawford for more than 20 years, it’s not because we’re stuck in our ways. It is because we like to be surrounded by people with certain values.

If we are able to where we are today, it is because the consumers were very loyal and very keen to understand what we are doing, which is coaxial, which defends GOALS, why ceramics is an interesting material to work. We all know today. Our Universal Presence; We are located in all major markets and in all major markets we can find at several locations.

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If you are looking for a place in London, we have seven branches. We are a very dynamic and business-oriented company. And then we are four very solid lines. We are not mono product. We are multi-product which is not the case for many of the great luxury companies in our industry. These lines and its development is very concentrated.

The goal is always the same, but the point is to have better control, no more sales. Of course, that number one, but is related to our own DNA. We have the ability to do that, in any case. I am ambitious, ambitious, and I do not want to deny that the goal remains the same. Best quality replica Omega watches review!

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