Replica Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Watch For 2017

Last summer, replica Omega watch introduced the Planet Ocean Editions Deep Black and features a GMT Dive Watch in a completely black ceramic construction. In this design, we are now building the Omega planet Ocean watches replica Big Blue, a nearly identical watch that for rich blue ceramic rather than black, with bright orange accents and a movement that shows the omega technical skills, decides. Pottery is nothing new to Omega. As early as 2013, the dark side of the Moon Speedmaster was one of Baselworld’s biggest hits.

In the following years, Omega has aligned another similar chronograph in various color combinations of ceramics. The dials on these watches are made of not only the most important ceramic events, and also contributes to this new generation of planet-oceans continue.
Replica Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Watch For 2017
The replica Omega Seamaster Big Blue Ocean Planet watch is, as its name implies, a great watch. The box measures 45.5mm one and 17.8mm thick. With this size, but you get a water resistance of 600 meters, and the end result is not as difficult as seen from the Keramikbau. There are two 18k white gold wide arrow hands for hours and minutes, sharp second hand with an orange cap and a long orange arrow hand GMT function, which is reading with the 24 hour scale on the Rehaut.

While at a certain level, this could be a wet dive watch, the data is handled very well and the clock gets better the closer you look. Just below the central pole for hands you see the chemical symbol for zirconium dioxide, the type of ceramics, the line and case is built, but in a tonal color, so do not overlap too much.

Similarly, the date window is blue and corresponds to the line exactly, so it is not noisy. The bevel consists of three materials – ceramic, liquid metal and rubber for the main application, numbers and marks or orange lanes. The crown is placed in three, while at 10 o’clock it is a helium-exhaust valve. Best quality replica Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean watch!

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