Omega Speedmaster Replica and the 50th Anniversary of The First Moon Landing

Omega Speedmaster Replica and the 50th Anniversary of The First Moon Landing

The Speedmaster garnered its iconic nickname, the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Replica, after making history in 1969. That year, Buzz Aldrin became the second man to set foot on the moon, wearing none other than the Speedmaster. Since then, the model has become the official watch of the space program. In the years to come, we may even see the Speedmaster make history again as the first watch on Mars. However, it also remains a favorite among of all types of collectors and fans of the brand.

The Occasion

The 50th anniversary in the first Moon landing happens this Saturday, This summer time 20th, and Sotheby’s is holding a putting in a bid entitled “replica Omega Speedmaster: For the Moon and Back” to recognition the occasion. The auction happens tomorrow, Friday the 19th, and Sotheby’s has developed a range of Speedmasters that highlights a couple of from the more unusual and interesting iterations in the watch, since its starting in 1957.

Omega Speedmaster Replica and the 50th Anniversary of The First Moon Landing

Comprised of 50 lots, the selection features a couple of from the references that have propelled the Omega Speedmaster replica beyond only a watch that was worn round the Moon, to becoming the majority of horological lore. The Speedmaster’s initial design blueprints have spawned an entire design language that’s defined the sports chronograph number of watches inside the latter half a person can have.

The Watch Bezel

It’s tough to visualize the Speedmaster as anything in addition to the replica Omega Speedmaster professional Moonwatch, but whether or not this hadn’t famously been adopted by NASA previously of space flight, it surely may have still been an emblem. Timepieces are previewed online here, and can also be viewed personally at Sotheby’s in New You’ll be able to City.

Omega Speedmaster Replica and the 50th Anniversary of The First Moon Landing

The live auction happens at 2 PM on Friday This summer time 19th. The lots vary extremely, getting a powerful showing of earlier Speedmaster, like Lot 10, a reference 2915-1 the first Speedmaster. Released in 1957, this reference, getting basics 1000 bezel in steel, could be the archetypal sports watch in several ways.

The Watch Movement

It absolutely was created for timing automobile racing, featured a radium-lumed dial, and highly legible Broad Arrow hands, also it was run by the legendary caliber 321. This wrist watch introduced the appearance element of a collection bezel installed on the outdoors of in the watch to get the best usability.

Omega Speedmaster Replica and the 50th Anniversary of The First Moon Landing

There is also a “vide poche” a tray for your products in the bank tray from 1980 depicting an astronaut wearing a Speedmaster wide, additionally to a number of ashtrays, if watch ephemera may be the factor. Lot 17 features a Prototype Alaska III, a much better Speedmaster designed designed for spacefaring applications, but NASA would change it lower, rather favoring the attempted and true standard production Speedmaster.


Replica OMEGA Speedmaster lore claims that Omega would send prototypes to NASA unrequested, wishing securing anything by getting an up-to-date model. The prototypes joined engineers’ desks at NASA without getting to become selected up, but my conjecture is always that when the Alaska III crosses the block, it’ll be easily selected up by an eager collector.


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