Replica Omega Speedmaster Professional Space Flown Stainless Steel Chronograph

Replica Omega Speedmaster Professional Space Flown Stainless Steel Chronograph

The replica Omega Speedmaster received its legendary nickname, the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch replica, after making history in 1969. That year, Buzz Aldrin grew to become the 2nd man to create feet around the moon, putting on the one and only the Speedmaster. Since that time, the model is just about the official watch from the space program. Within the a long time, we might even begin to see the Speedmaster make history again because the first watch on Mars.

The History

Otherwise this could happen: 1995, within the vastness of space, Russian cosmonaut Nikolai Budarin was putting on a replica Omega Speedmaster Professional throughout the historic STS-71/TM-21 joint mission between your US and Russia. Which exact same timepiece expires for auction the following month by Boston-based RR Auction. The area-traveled watch has other particularities to the credit, including three extravehicular activities with that excursion and the very first, long awaited Shuttle/Mir docking.

Replica Omega Speedmaster Professional Space Flown Stainless Steel Chronograph

The replica Omega Speedmaster Professional stainless chronograph serial 4826777 includes a Plexiglas very more than a black dial with three subdials: at 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock. The hour indexes and hands have luminescent treatment, as the bezel includes a tachymeter scale. Inside, the by hand wound caliber 861-based movement drives the functions.


The watch’s caseback is solid, which is engraved: Flight-Qualified by NASA For Those Manned Space Missions / The Very First Watch Worn around the Moon. Generally known as the Moon Watch, the Omega Speedmaster Professional replica went through comprehensive testing by NASA throughout the 1960s, and diverse wristwatches were uncovered to temperatures varying from to 200 levels F, 95% humidity for extended periods, and in addition they suffered bursts of high acceleration and shock forces.

Replica Omega Speedmaster Professional Space Flown Stainless Steel Chronograph

In addition to severe air pressure and vibration. 3 years of testing concluded with selecting the OMEGA Speedmaster Professional watch replica, which survived the tests while remaining accurate within five seconds each day. Bobby Livingston, Executive VP at RR Auction, succinctly shared, Swiss-made, American-demonstrated, and Russian-worn, this watch represents a pinnacle wide collecting.

On This summer 14, 1995, Budarin now retired conducted his first-ever spacewalk together with his friend, cosmonaut Anatoly Solovyev. They observed Mir’s docking port and deployed the Spektr solar array, spending five hrs and 34 minutes outdoors the orbital station. Budarin performed his second Avoi on This summer 19, again with Solovyev.

Get yourself ready for the MIRAS deployment and retrieving the TREK experiment within an passed duration of three hrs and eight minutes. His final Avoi around the mission was on This summer 21, again with Solovyev, where they installed the MIRAS within five hrs and 35 minutes. Budarin used this watch during the 3 EVAs, thus exposing it towards the vacuum of space for more than 14 hrs!

Replica Omega Speedmaster Professional Space Flown Stainless Steel Chronograph

The timepiece is on the traditional black leather Omega band. Based on Budarin, he used this wristband onboard the Mir Space Station, but didn’t keep your Velcro strap used outdoors from the spacesuit throughout his three EVAs throughout the mission.

The timepiece is supported with a signed letter of provenance from Nikolai Budarin, written on special stationery traveled and placed on Mir. It states partly: I approve the replica Omega Speedmaster Professional using the serial No. 4826777 was utilized by me throughout the flight of EO-19 around the space station MIR during intra station activity and through my three extravehicular activities on 14.07.1995, 19.07.1995 and 21.07.1995.

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